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Hospital Staff

Sr.No Name Father’s Name Sh. Designation Date of Appointment Name Of Department Qualification
1 Dr. Rajender Kathuria Bodh Raj Kathuria DMS 01-11-19 Hospital Graduate
2 Dr. Meena Kathuria W/o Rajender Kathuria EMO 03-10-17 Hospital Graduate
3 Dr. Gaurav Rey Subhash Chander EMO 25-11-19 Hospital Graduate
4 Dr. Anchal Verma Dalip Kumar Verma AMO 25-11-19 Hospital Graduate
5 Dr. Bajinder Om Parkash Tak AMO 01-12-17 Hospital Graduate
6 Dr. Sushma Birbal Singh AMO 01-12-17 Hospital Graduate
7 Dr. Pargati Lala ram AMO 02-12-19 Hospital Graduate
8 Dr. Pooja Rani Ram chander AMO 10-12-19 Hospital Graduate
9 Dr. Parveen  Satbir singh PK House Officer 01-01-20 Panchkarma Graduate
10 Ms. Kusum Jai Narayan Matron 25-09-17 Hospital Graduate
11 Ms. Rimpy Mangal Singh Asst. Matron 20-09-17 Hospital Graduate
12 Ms. Sonia Rani Raghubir Singh Staff Nurse 01-05-17 Hospital Graduate
13 Ms. Suman  Krishan Kumar Staff Nurse 01-01-20 Hospital Graduate
14 Ms. Shailja Dharampal Staff Nurse 12-04-18 Hospital Graduate
15 Ms.Poonam Rani Surajmal Staff Nurse 02-02-19 Hospital Graduate
16 Ms. Varsha Rameshwer lal Staff Nurse 01-07-19 Hospital Graduate
17 Ms. Sonia Bhagwan Das Staff Nurse 24-10-19 Hospital Graduate
18 Mr. Ramkesh Jagdish Chander Ward Boy 01-09-17 Hospital Graduate
19 Mr. Sunil Kumar Birbal  Ward Boy 15-08-18 Hospital Graduate
20 Mr. Chaman Lal Ramkumar Ward Boy 04-01-20 Hospital Graduate
21 Ms. Preeti Daya Singh Pharmacist 02-01-17 Dispensary Graduate
22 Mr. Deepak Amarlal Asst. Pharmacist 01-03-18 Dispensary Graduate
23 Mr. Pardeep Banarsi das Dresser 01-04-16 Shalya 12th
24 Mr. Anil Azad Singh Dresser 02-11-17 Shalya 12th
25 Mr. Hawa Singh Munishi Ram Store Keeper 01-01-14 Hospital 10th
26 Mr. Ashok Mahabir Singh Office Staff 01-06-18 Hospital Graduate
27 Mr. Sunil Satbir Singh Office Staff 02-09-19 Hospital 12th
28 Mr. Shiv Kumar Chandu Lal X-Ray Tech. 27-12-19 X-Ray 10th
29 Mr. Sube Singh Chandi ram Dark Room Attendant 02-01-17 X-Ray 12th
30 Ms. Sonia Devi Bijender PK Nurse 02-02-19 Panchkarma Graduate
31 Mr. Sandeep Singh Lakhmi chand PK Male Asst. 01-10-19 Panchkarma 12th
32 Mr. Mandeep Abhe ram PK Male Asst. 05-07-19 Panchkarma 12th
33 Ms. Nirmala Devi Ram Chander PK Female Asst. 01-11-18 Panchkarma 12th
34 Ms. Sudesh W/o Vinod Kumar PK Female Asst. 01-09-17 Panchkarma 12th
35 Ms. Neelam Karambir Singh OT Nurse 08-09-18 OT Graduate
36 Mr. Naveen Ram Kumar OT Attendant 01-06-20 OT Graduate
37 Mr. Surender Roshan lal OT Attendant 26-12-19 OT Graduate
38 Mr. Virender Satvir LT 02-12-19 Lab Graduate
39 Mr. Vijender Ramesh Lab Attendant 01-08-19 Lab 12th
40 Mr. Devender Bhagwan Dass LT 03-01-20 Lab Graduate
41 Mr. Manoj Umed Singh TP Worker 01-10-19 Teaching Pharmacy 12th
42 Mr. Anil Birbal TP Worker 01-08-19 Teaching Pharmacy 12th
43 Mr. Ankit Subhash Chander TP Attendant 01-08-19 Teaching Pharmacy 12th
44 Mrs. Sandeep  W/o Karan pal Midwife 01-08-19 Labour Room 10th



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