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Nowadays,Panchakarma is globally popular which fulfils the aim of Ayurveda of maintaining the health in a healthy individuals and to treat the diseases.The Department of Panchakarma conducts all five detoxifying procedures according to classics.Each of these five therapies focus on treatment of different type of diseases and also improve the immunity in healthy individuals.


  1. To provide quality care and standard treatment through Panchakarma.
  2. To impart quality education in the field of ayurvedic speciality of panchakarma for enhancing the knowledge of students in theory as well as practical.


  1. To develop the awareness by conducting various programs and camps through the department which help in serving the community and also gives a clinical exposure to the students.
  2. To provide the best possible Panchakarma services /facilities in all class of society in nearby areas.


Panchakarma means five methods of bio-purification which includes

  1. Vamana (Therapeutic emesis)
  2. Virechan (Therapeutic purgation)
  3. Niruha Basti (Therapeutic cleansing enema)
  4. Anuvasan Basti (Therapeutic oil enema)
  5. Nasya (Therapeutic Nasal administration of medicine).

Other than these, several other adjuvant therapies related to Panchakarma such as Abhyanga, shirodhara, Pinda sweda, Udvartan, Valuka sweda, Dhumpana, Jaloukavacharan for the treatment of various chronic diseases mainly skin, musculoskeletal, neurological, allergic and various life style disorders.

We have a well equipped Panchakarma unit and trained male and female staff who performed various procedures under the supervision of Panchakarma consultant. Also the students are trained to perform various Panchakarma procedures, thus making them confident in employing Panchakarma therapies.

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