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nationalcollegeofayurveda Shalakya Tantra is one amongst the eight branches of Ayurveda. It is also known as Udharwanga Chikitsa. Udharwanga here includes the supra clavicular region of the human body. Shalakya Tantra mainly deals with the ailments of supra clavicular region of the human body, it deals with the various therapeutic measures which are quite helpful in maintenance of supra clavicular health. Shalakya Tantra includes therapeutic measures like Tarpana, Putpaka, Seka, Aschyotana and Anjana for maintenance of visual health of the person. Shalakya Tantra also includes procedures for ear like Nasya, Karnapoorana. Along with all these Shalakya Tantra also deals with the oral health of the individual. Kavala, Gandusha and Danttapavana are some wonderful treatment modalities which deal with the management of oro-dental disorders. Also Shalakya Tantra has some wonderful regimens for diseases of throat. So mainly we can conclude that Shalkya Tantra deals with all disorders of the supra clavicular region.

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