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nationalcollegeofayurveda Since, the commencement of National College of Ayurveda, the branch Shalya Tantra is boosting as surgical school and department is committed to provide the best possible care to patients who require surgical and para-surgical services (Ksharakarma, Agnikarma, Raktamokshana) at this region or area level.

The department is having well equipped OPDs, and modular operation theatre. The most commendable Ksharasutra unit of this department is gaining popularity in Barwala (Hisar) and nearby areas. The department is also providing quality education at UG level.

Departmental Vision

  1. To encourage the creative young minds to reach their full potential in the area of Shalya Samanya (General Surgery), Kshara avum Anushastrakarma (para-surgery), Asthi-sandhigata rogas etc.
  2. To emphasize the quality and value based education obtains optimum skill in the field of shalya Tantra.

Departmental Mission

  1. To provide best possible paitent care with outermost competence in the areas of surgical and para- surgical management, focusing on ano-rectal procedure, Dushta vrana and bone & joint care.
  2. To provide state of art educational programmes at U.G. level as well as knowledge enhancing programme for faculties & practitioners.

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